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Air compressors are essential to everyday workplace operations. They help increase productivity and quality production. When a problem arises with an industrial air compressor, it can be disruptive.

Fitz Equipment offers high-quality air compressor repairs for a wide variety of issues. This article will cover intake vents, filters, and belts.

Intake Vents

Air compressors are used to power a variety of industrial tools and equipment. They can be found in manufacturing plants, mines, farms, etc. They help to perform essential tasks and increase workplace productivity. For air compressors to work appropriately, they must be kept in good condition.

Inspecting intake vents regularly is a great way to prevent clogging and improve overall air compressor performance. Ensure they aren’t caked with dirt or other debris; clean them if necessary.

It’s essential to use the correct type of oil when operating an air compressor. Synthetic air compressor oils are formulated for commercial and industrial use, providing cooling and lubrication. They also have a wide temperature range and can improve corrosion resistance.


Compressed air is essential in many industrial settings. This resource allows workers to do critical tasks more quickly and efficiently and increases workplace safety. If you experience issues with your compressed air system, the professionals at Fitz Equipment are available to help.

Our team has over 50 years of experience repairing and selling industrial air compressors. We are a full-service company that offers clients in-shop and 24-hour on-call industrial air compressor repairs, onsite field service, and troubleshooting for all your compression needs.

R.G. Bob Fitzgerald established the Fitz Equipment Company in 1960. Initially, the company rebuilt air compressor valves and air control valves. Then, in the late 1960s, air compressor service was added to the line of products and services. The company now sells Gardner Denver, Joy, Quincy, Champion, and Kaeser portable air compressors and National, Twin Disc, and Allison hydraulic torque converters. In May 2007, Fitz Industrial Patterns opened to manufacture parts for the company’s line of fluid coupling and specialty machine parts.


One of industrial air compressors’ most common problems is low or no pressure. If the problem is not addressed immediately, it can lead to internal damage to the compressor and a complete loss of production.

A few things that can help prevent this issue are cleaning the intake vents and ensuring they are debris-free. Checking the belts is also a good idea, as it will ensure that they are not worn and in danger of losing tension.

Fitz Equipment offers clients in-shop industrial air compressor repair service, 24-hour on-call repair, and onsite field service. Their qualified field mechanics will troubleshoot and fix the problem right away. Additionally, they sell new and rebuilt Gardner Denver, Joy, Quincy, and FS Curtis air compressor units and Kaeser engine-driven portable air compressors. They also manufacture fluid couplings, torque converters, and specialty machine parts. The company also remanufactures National, Twin Disc, and Allison hydraulic torque converter units.


Air compressors are a vital tool for industrial settings. Their presence has helped increase workplace efficiency and safety while decreasing the need for manual labor. However, like other machines, they require routine maintenance and repair to function correctly. When a company experiences problems with an air compressor, finding the right service provider is imperative.

Fitz Equipment offers clients in-shop industrial air compressor service, 24-hour on-call industrial air compressor repair, onsite field service, and onsite troubleshooting for all their industrial air compressor needs. Their team has qualified field mechanics ready to do the job right.

Founded in 1960 by R.G. “Bob” Fitzgerald, Fitz Equipment was initially established to rebuild air compressors and control valves. Later, they added air compressor service and fluid couplings to their offerings. In 1980, the Fitz Equipment Company became a Gardner Denver distributor. Today, the company distributes Joy, Champion, and Kaeser portable air compressors. In May 2007, Fitz Industrial Patterns opened to the public to provide customers with a broader range of services. The company manufactures parts for torque converters and produces specialty machine parts.

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