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(3)Three Things To Do When Face With Storms Of Life  



There are three things we should learn to do when face with storms Of life which can be found in the book of (psalm 27vs 14  ) which say wait patiently for the Lord, be brave and courageous, yes, wait patiently for the lord. According to this chapter of the Bible I can see three things God is saying we should do in the mist of storms of life which are 

*PATIENT :this is not just a normal word but one of the things we need to do in the face of storms in life .Though is not always easy to wait in the time of storm of our lives but we just have to wait for God to change that storm into a testimony( psalm 37*7) this chapter of the Bible also tells us that we should wait for God to act on our behalf whenever we are face with the storms of life 

**BE BRAVE ....This is also one of the important tools that we need in the mist of storms of life. Being brave means always ready for challenge and ability to also endure it... We need to be aware that storm might come suddenly to us but how brave we are will determine how will handle it and trust God to see us through is season of our lives 

**BE COURAGEOUS.. .. This is the third tools we need to use in the mist of storms of life  (Deuteronomy 31 *6) tells us Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid of them! The lord your God will go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor forsake you.                   This Bible verse tell us when Moses was talking to the children of Israel about the new leader Joshua and how God will go ahead of them  and they should be courageous.      In the mist of storms you might not see anybody to encourage you but you must learn to encourage yourself in the mist of storms of life. 

Use these three tools in the mist of storms and God will see you through that stage in life 


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This is indeed helpful to overcome life storms and challenges. Thanks @Omoseyi .

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