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Thanks to those that believe in this platform fast and continuous growth and have been sending a request to publish content. As a forum, you free to join and ask a question or contribute meaningful answers but you can not add link till you have at least 100 unique posts manually check and approved by our team.

Thus, if you want to add a link from your first post or want us to publish it for you under our official account, then the cost is as follow.


1) Plan A = $50 with No-follow link and the post is permanent.
2) Plan B = $100 with Do-follow link and post is permanent But the do-follow is renewable yearly at $50 or it will be returned to no-follow after 1year but a link will not be removed and content are permanent.
Alternatively, you can pay a one time $350 for the sponsored post to have the do-follow permanent without any renewal fee or downgrade to no-follow after a year.
3) Plan C = Can add your contents as one of the answers to an existing question(s) at the same price above based on the type of link.
NOTE: All content must be unique, no copypaste contents allowed. Content could be labelled and filed under sponsored category too.
We can also write the content based on a request for an extra fee. Or create questions and answers about your content if not existing yet on our forum.
Currently, for international payment, we appreciate payment done via Cryptocurrency or Direct to Nigerian bank account service platforms like worldremit, transferwise and any others which process international payment directly to our Nigeria bank account listed below except Paypal (We have suspended Paypal payment for now due to extra process it takes to get the money in Nigeria and costly Paypal charges).
Bank Details:
You will get details via mail. Thus, kindly mail us the type of content you want to post for approval first as we don't post betting, gambling, weapons, non-educative adult contents and related ones.
Thanks for your support
Olasunkanmi Fakeye
Founder, pretpersonnelenligne.org 
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