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SEO Guide 2019: Things To Know About Google "Mobile-First Indexing" To Rank High And Avoid Google Hammer in 2019  



Things To Know About Google Mobile-First Indexing for all Nigerian and non-Nigerian Webmasters, Bloggers, and website owners either for personal or business use.

Gone are the days when you pull up static websites and hard to access on mobile with the expectation to have Google rank things. Also, the days of non-optimized designs are becoming extinct, you need a dynamic website and blog now to guarantee your website/blog ranking.

I just started this forum a few days back and had carefully been documenting all steps (including how I got the .com domain name for just N1,000 only) and actions taken as an experienced webmaster to see how fast things will pick with the SEO and ranking on Google soon considering this is a fresh domain with zero DA, PA, MOZ, Alexa and other metrics. This, made me not to toy with SEO tools like Google console to submit the forum for indexing and monitor keywords its been ranked for with clicks generated.

In the process of checking the Google webmaster tool early this morning, I discovered a strange annotation which is an indication that Google had eventually changed the way it will be ranking both dynamic, mobile-friendly website/blog and those that are not. They gave it a code name "Mobile-First Indexing".


What is Google Mobile-First Indexing? and Why Should You Care as Webmaster/Blogger?

I did a quick in-depth check which revealed some interesting thing discussed below and also got to know that Google had been preparing for this major shift in indexing for over a year ago considering their official announcement on it in March 2018.

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