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How To Get Free Bitcoin Cryptocurrency during Christmas and New Year Holidays  



No doubt about the fact that Cryptocurrency like free bitcoin could be a cool gift to receive for Christmas and New Year holidays. I have compiled a list of how to get some crypto free this season.

What is Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin?

According to MyCryptoDictionary definition of Bitcoin, is the first Cryptocurrency and Blockchain aimed at creating a medium of exchange within people across the world without the need to go through the banking system. It is short named BTC.

How do you get Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency Free?

1) Twitter - It is one of the most popularly used platforms for the crypto project. Search for free Bitcoin or simply locate social media of specific crypto and monitor their tweet. Most will drop giveaway tweets during this season

2) Facebook: Get their Facebook page and monitor it too

3) Telegram: Join some of the crypto projects Telegram for chances of getting Airdrops and other giveaways this season.

4) Exchanges: You may need to also keep a tab and monitor your favorite exchanges as they will also offer giveaways to their users.

Hope that helps and you can share this with friends and comment your thought and other means of getting free Bitcoin cryptocurrency during Christmas and New Year Season.

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